Why C6 was created

After observing riders on bike paths, roads and trails wearing inappropriate footwear for cycling,
Rohan Mehta developed a solution. C6 revolutionizes your bike ride with increased performance.


    An avid athlete with a competitive past, he is also a certified bike and snowboard coach. Not only does Rohan have a huge passion for cycling, he has learned a thing or two through years of high performance training, competing and coaching. During the Covid pandemic he noticed an explosion of interest in the sport of cycling and wanted to help people enjoy it more.


    Shoes such as running shoes or office shoes don’t offer adequate support for cycling. Riding in soft shoes is hard work and when people get tired, enjoyment plummets. Mountain biking in soft shoes can mean an increased chance of foot injury. Rohan developed a carbon fiber lay up specifically for cycling. Paired with the right density of EVA foam for comfort, this provided the rigidity needed for safety and efficiency. 


    In launching his first venture, Rohan brings his traits of honesty, ethics and hard work to C6. He truly believes in the value of C6 insoles, and knows they will add enjoyment to your next ride, wherever that may be!


    We offer the best possible customer experience. Our business processes ensure quick and accurate dispatch of orders every time. We keep on top of customer requirements and product demand to plan enough time to manufacture products that are selling fast.


    C6 Insoles are a high quality, durable product (carbon fiber is 5x the strength of steel), ensuring a long life cycle. Using C6 Insoles will increase the lifespan of your footwear, thereby reducing waste directed to landfill. C6 products have a low carbon footprint and the packaging is recyclable.


    Orders are processed fast. We have strong relationships with multiple carriers, to offer the most efficient and cost effective shipping methods available to all corners of the globe. We ship right here from our Canada and USA based facilities.


    Our quality management system is ISO certified and we are inspected yearly by 3rd party auditors. This ensures every part of our business from manufacturing and storage to distribution, is as efficient as possible, providing quality and service you can count on.